Do I need a lawyer to file for bankruptcy in Michigan?

Lansing, Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney

By the time most people have decided to file for bankruptcy, they have exhausted their financial resources. They are sick of being hounded by creditors when they have nothing left to give. They know they should file for bankruptcy protection but they have no idea how to do so. They may have heard that an attorney can help them file for bankruptcy, but they wonder how they will pay for a lawyer when they can’t even afford to pay their bills.

How can I afford a bankruptcy attorney?

As Michigan Bankruptcy Attorneys we understand that our clients are struggling financially and we keep that in mind when creating a fee agreement. Once a person decides to file for bankruptcy, they may be able to stop making many payments such as credit card payments, rent, car payments, utility bills and loan payments. That frees up additional money to hire a bankruptcy attorney. With some kinds of bankruptcy filings, it is permissible for the attorney to accept a payment plan for attorney fees. Of course, before stopping any type of payment, you should consult with our knowledgeable debt relief attorneys.

How can hiring a bankruptcy lawyer save me money?

When a person goes through bankruptcy, there are many creditors lined up to collect what is owed to them. A bankruptcy trustee is appointed to decide how to pay those creditors. The trustee helps to review the priorities that are assigned to various kinds of creditors. The trustee also helps to determine if secured and unsecured creditors will be paid in full, paid only partially or not paid at all. As your bankruptcy attorneys, we will stand by your side and fight for the assets and property that are important or valuable to you. We have been involved in bankruptcy cases for many years and understand the process entirely. We do all the work while you are left to begin your new financial life without the bill collectors hounding you.

Additionally, when choosing an attorney, it will most likely save money to pick one who has been doing bankruptcy work for many years. The more experience a lawyer has, the quicker he or she can get you the relief you need. You don’t want to have to pay a lawyer who has no bankruptcy experience for the time he or she spends researching and learning about how to do bankruptcy work. The debt relief attorneys at The Kronzek Firm P.L.L.C. have many years of experience representing clients throughout the bankruptcy process in Michigan. We will work quickly and efficiently for you, all while drawing from the knowledge we have gained in our many years of filing bankruptcies for our clients. Hiring the right attorney is important always, and particularly where your financial future is at stake.

Do I need a lawyer for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is known as one of the most complex and confusing areas of the federal law. Not only do we not recommend that a person represent themselves in a bankruptcy, but we do not even recommend hiring an attorney who lacks extensive experience doing bankruptcy work. This is because bankruptcy requires a thorough knowledge of federal insolvency laws. There is so much at stake during a bankruptcy and it would be easy for a person representing themselves to make a very costly mistake. Our experience is that most people are as qualified to practice law as they are to perform surgery, which means most of us should NOT be representing ourselves.

It is true that there are websites and books dedicated to helping people represent themselves in a bankruptcy proceeding, such as in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing. There are also books and web sites dedicated to complex legal procedures. An untrained person practicing surgery or practicing law is foolish. There are no substitutes for a highly-skilled debt relief attorney who will be there at all stages of the bankruptcy to protect the client. Experienced lawyers know the proper court procedures and have strategies on how to deal with potential pitfalls in a client’s bankruptcy case.

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