Do I need a lawyer to file for bankruptcy in Michigan?


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CoinsMost people don’t ever want to be a position where they feel that bankruptcy is their only way out. Actually, most people who end up filing for bankruptcy don’t do it until they absolutely have to – when they have truly run out of money to pay their bills and there’s nowhere to turn for help. Adding to the stress, most people don’t know how to file for bankruptcy.


Even other lawyers that file for bankruptcy protection usually hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to represent them. Or, the ones that know that bankruptcy is best handled by a bankruptcy attorney have no idea how they will be able to afford a lawyer when they currently can’t make their own ends meet.


How can I afford a bankruptcy attorney?


If you are ready to file for bankruptcy, you can work with your attorney to figure out the best payment plan for your situation. At The Kronzek Firm, we realize that those filing for bankruptcy are in financial need, so we set our fee agreement accordingly and always within the approved range of fee guidelines set by the federal bankruptcy court.


One of the advantages to filing for bankruptcy is that once you do it, you can temporarily stop making payments such as credit card payments, rent, car payments, utility bills, and loan payments. When you stop paying all those bills, you will free up some money to pay for bankruptcy attorney fees and filing fees. If this is not the case, it is also possible to work out a payment plan to pay your attorney fees over an extended period of time.


For Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, your case will be filed after you pay off all your attorney and filing fees. For chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, much of your attorney fees can be paid in installments, right along with your other creditor payments.


Isn’t hiring a bankruptcy attorney a waste of money?


Woman writing checkNot if you hire an attorney from The Kronzek Firm! Bankruptcy us a long and complicated process in the federal court, so it is helpful to have an expert guiding you through every step.


You will have a bankruptcy trustee appointed, deciding if and how you should pay your creditors. The trustee also helps assign you your priorities to your creditors. Finally, the trustee will decide if your secured and unsecured creditors should be paid in full, partially, or not paid at all.


At The Kronzek Firm, our attorneys have been helping clients with bankruptcy filings for decades. We can help you through the very complicated process as quickly as possible Once you’ve provided us with the information we need from you, we’ll do the heavy lifting from there.  


Our debt relief attorneys will work quickly and efficiently to help you get a new financial life as rapidly as possible. A bankruptcy case puts a lot at stake for you and your family; we are here to help you out of this difficult situation.


Do I really need a lawyer to file for bankruptcy?


From our experience, most people are about as qualified to practice law as they are to perform surgery. Now, you wouldn’t look up internet tutorials on how to remove someone’s wisdom teeth, would you? Similarly, we don’t recommend simply doing an internet search on how to represent yourself during a federal bankruptcy case.


Bankruptcy is actually one of the most complex and confusing areas of federal law and it truly requires expertise in insolvency laws to be able to get through the process successfully.


At first, it may seem expensive to hire a lawyer to help you through bankruptcy, but in the long run it can actually cost you a lot more money if you try to practice bankruptcy law yourself. Simply put, there are no substitutions for a highly-skilled debt relief attorney who can be there to protect you at every stage of bankruptcy. Frankly, it’s less expensive than most people imagine.


Your Debt Relief Attorneys


Helping handIf you are trying to decide whether or not bankruptcy is right for you, you can set up a free initial consultation with one of our expert bankruptcy attorneys to discuss your options.


We have helped hundreds of clients in Mid-Michigan and the surrounding areas – walking them through the very complex and confusing bankruptcy laws and procedures.


We also know how to handle emergency bankruptcy filing to immediately stop garnishments, foreclosures and lawsuits. Call us today for help with your bankruptcy filing: 1-517-886-1000.


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